Who We Serve

I provide holistic, comprehensive financial services for clients from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances.

My services are especially valuable for Washington, D.C. insiders, and professionals without children across the country.


Washington, D.C. insiders

From personal experience as a former Hill staffer and lobbyist with a decade of experience specializing in budget and appropriations issues, I understand how demanding and important this work is and how little time busy professionals have to manage their own financial affairs.

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Professionals without children

The financial goals, challenges, and aspirations of individuals and couples without children often differ significantly from those of families with children. As a highly credentialed financial advisor who chose not to have children, I understand these issues.

Who We Are

As an advisor of Spire Wealth Management, my clients enjoy personalized attention backed by the resources of a firm with $3.5 billion in assets under management and a robust staff. Of the nearly 690,000 registered financial advisors in the United States, I am one of fewer than 1,500 who have pursued advanced certifications to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and a CERTIFIED PRIVATE WEALTH ADVISOR® professional. This level of advanced training means that in addition to offering my clients a full suite of wealth management solutions, including investments, retirement planning, and risk management, I also provide a complete range of more complex and sophisticated services, including tax mitigation, estate planning and asset protection.

I enjoy helping my clients secure their financial futures, keeping up with their lives, and delivering the highest quality service. I am more than just someone on the other end of an occasional phone call. I am a true partner who cares about my clients’ well-being, financial and otherwise, and take pride in their confidence in me. My advanced training, coupled with my dedication to providing personalized attention, helps my clients live their best lives so they can reduce taxes, retire early, and pursue their passions.

How We Work Together

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My relationship with my clients is one of mutual trust and respect. We work together as a team. My role is to examine all the pieces of my clients’ financial lives and develop a holistic plan that brings them all together in a cohesive way. In this work, I employ a meticulous process to ensure the consistent delivery of quality service. I strive to deliver the best possible client experience so that nothing falls through the cracks in your financial life.

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