Investment Management

Our investment management services focus on our clients’ goals as we help them build and optimize their investment portfolios. Our investment philosophy is comprised of eight principles.

  1. Don’t try to outguess the market
  2. Practice smart diversification
  3. Pay attention to after-tax returns, not gross returns
  4. Resist chasing past performance
  5. Avoid market timing
  6. Manage your emotions
  7. Look beyond the headlines
  8. Focus on what you can control

Available services include:

  • Design and implement personalized investment portfolios
  • Analyze existing investment holdings
  • Develop portfolio income strategies
  • Analyze and optimize asset allocation
  • Balance asset location to optimize after-tax returns
  • Conduct semi annual rebalancing
  • Counsel on held-away accounts
  • Optimize cash-management holdings 
  • Analyze permanent insurance policies
  • Review existing investment costs
  • Counsel on employer retirement plans
  • Analyze living benefits and riders of existing annuity contracts
  • Review and recommend rollover options
  • Advise on concentrated stock holdings
  • Conduct ongoing monitoring of accounts
  • Review portfolio managers
  • Provide guidance on stock awards, incentive stock options, and nonqualified stock options

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