While I provide holistic, comprehensive financial services for clients from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances, my services are especially valuable for Washington, D.C. insiders, and professionals without children across the country.


Washington, D.C. insiders

Government relations professionals, including lobbyists, attorneys, and communications specialists know how Washington works and must constantly adapt to the challenges of the job. From personal experience as a former Hill staffer and operating my lobbying consulting practice, I understand how demanding and important this work is and how little time busy professionals have to manage their own financial affairs. My experience in this realm is a boon to hardworking individuals navigating an ever-changing political and economic landscape.

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Professionals without children

The financial goals, challenges, and aspirations of individuals and couples without children often differ significantly from those of families with children. Some key differences include:

  • savings goals
  • insurance needs
  • legacy plans
  • vacation plans
  • overall financial and estate plans

As a highly credentialed financial advisor who chose not to have children, I understand these issues. I’ve spent years helping clients navigate the difficult decisions most financial advisors not only can’t relate to, but don’t even consider. My unique perspective provides my clients an increased level of confidence in my services.